Fremont Canyon Wyoming

2018 December Trip To Wyoming

Okay folks working on my skills a little with this one gonna try a new format with these types of posts. I think they call these things photo essay’s, whatever. So in an effort to get you the information faster and more efficient and let my pictures do more of the talking we will try this. Basically, less ramble for me and more info for you, hopefully. Let me know what you think.

  The Trip to Wyoming this year was pretty interesting. The one thing I will tell you is going to Wyoming in December can be a little dicey. Make sure you take your time and watch the road conditions. The highways can get very icy with the wind and blowing snow. Make sure you have plenty of gas and water just in case. 

Fremont Canyon Brown Trout

We Started our trip in Fremont Canyon. Its a beautiful area with a meadows section at the top below Path Finder Reservoir. That area is the easiest access but there is a canyon section if you’re willing to get a little crazy.


Fremont Canyon Rainbow Trout 

Flows were good 500 cfs, it’s rare to see that this time of year on the Fremont section. We were hoping there would be more runners in from Alcova Reservoir swimming around but we only found a few and fishing in general was kinda slow for the flows being so good. With the flows being higher I decided to do a lot of Euro Nymphing and it proved to work pretty well. My point fly was a Beaded #8 Shafer’s Gummy Crane and my top fly was a #16 Thread Frenchy  with a pink collar. Proved to be very effective combo but the Gummy took the majority of fish as per usual.

Shafer’s Beaded Gummy Crane

Miracle Mile was our second days choice of spots to check out. Flows were normal at 500 cfs and there was some lake runners still around. I will tell you there wasn’t nearly as many as in past years, the run looked like it was pretty much done up there. I threw Streamers and indicator rigs. I turned a giant on a Euro Rig that proceeded to go vertical about three feet out of the water and spit my Gummy Crane right back at me. Good times and that by far was the biggest fish I saw all day. We finished out the day sticking and moving, checking out a bunch of different areas on the mile. Always a fun day on the mile, except for the blizzard on the ride home we hit. Be careful when your up at the mile, watch the weather closely. 

Miracle Mile North Platte River

Last day was the best and really made the trip for me. We had planned to go back up to the Mile but we didn’t want to make that drive on those horrible roads with the weather coming in. We did already have a backup plan made in the weeks leading up to our trip just in case the weather got bad. That plan included fishing the still waters in that area. We had already plotted areas out on Alcova Reservoir and Grey Reef Reservoir. The plan was to go check out those areas we wanted to hit and see what happened.

Alcova Reservoir Rainbow Trout

I’m sure glad we had this backup plan in place because it was a lot of fun and everyone got into some action. We knew all the still waters had not ice capped yet and we wanted to check out areas that had nice shelves into deeper drop offs and some good rocky points. Every area we went to we found fish feeding in those areas. We used a standard indicator two fly indicator rig. I used a #10 Shafer’s Ella’s Beast as my top fly and assorted midges behind it. We used Pine Squirrel leaches and egg patterns as well all of those selections seemed to work pretty well. I will tell you the Beast took the majority of my fish.

Grey Reef Reservoir Male Rainbow Trout

After we had some fun at Alcova Reservoir we checked out a few areas on Grey Reef  and got into some really nice Bows! They really munched the Beast at Grey’s it was pretty amazing. About a twenty foot role cast out to the drop off, let the flies sink and a couple three to six inch strips with a pause. These guys would explode on it and dump that indicator quickly! So much fun and if you have never battled one of these still water fish in Wyoming it is a fantastic experience. They simply don’t give up, its crazy!

We ended the day on the Reef at Pete’s Draw. Lots of fun watching the buddies wack away at these hard charging Bows. The Gummy Crane was on point again taking a bunch of fish. It was a fantastic couple days with my Sheriff buddies and a great get-away for all of us. So many laughs and good times. I think that is the best part of these types of trips. Trying new things and having fun is what its all about! There is a few more pictures from the trip below. Please leave me any questions or comments and thanks for checking out the blog.

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