Why I Guide & Who I Am


I started my fly fishing on the waters of South Boulder Creek, up river from Pinecliff, Colorado as a young boy with my Grandmother, Betty Shafer.  We spent time on small streams and still waters, learning the art of dry fly fishing.  During our numerous trips to I fell in love with the great outdoors, and fly fishing.

Over the last 15 years I’ve gone from being interested in fly fishing to a having a deep passion for fly fishing and taking it to the next level.  To be successful on the water, Fly fishing requires art, science, knowledge, and skill.  Jerry Vigil, a coworker of mine and I pushed into fly fishing together.

As fly fishing partners, we have honed our skills in waters across the west. I started my career as a fly fishing guide after a trip that I took from The Blue Quill Angler. I was hired on this trip by my soon to be mentors in the fly fishing industry, Jim Cannon and Pat Dorsey.   For the past 10+ years I’ve been guiding with at Blue Quill Angler and truly love it.  Meeting new clients every year as well as guiding repeat clients is something very special to me.  There is nothing like seeing a client catch their first fish on a fly rod.

I’ve had the honor to fly fish the waters in the upper Midwest while attending college in South Dakota.  I’ve also spent time in the Florida Keys with some beautiful salt water fishing.  I’m continually searching for new waters to test my flies and my fly fishing techniques.


I started fly tying 15+ years ago after learning the art of fly tying, from books and the internet.  When I had questions I would contact professionals in the fly tying industry to get the answers.  I would reach out to other professionals to have a conversation, talk with experts at trade shows, and visiting shops around the west.  This intense curiosity and joy of fly tying has allowed me to develop my own unique fly tying methods.  My flies are designed for use in all waters and for all type of fish including; trout, bass, carp, and pike. My favorite patterns in the industry are flies that mimic several different hatches in fisheries. All of my fly patterns are designed to mimic various types of species so they have multiple uses. I have a personal rule for any new fly design, it has to be tested for 2 years in all waters before he considers it a “go-to” fly. I’ve been fortunate to demonstrate my fly tying methods at trade shows, clinics, and events at The Blue Quill Angler.

Fly Tying


This website you are on now has been a dream of mine for a long time.  With this website I aim to share my 30+ years of passion, experience, and expertise of fly fishing with people all over the world. My goal is to help every fly fisherman, from beginners to experienced guides. I like to think outside the box and believe with my knowledge of fly fishing you can expect some great things! One of my favorite lines is, “You can never learn everything in Fly Fishing!”  I Greatly appreciate your business, These funds all go towards new camera equipment, fly tying materials for videos, web content and website expenses.  They are hugely appreciated!!


I owe everything to my beautiful wife Cindy. She has supported my fly tying and guiding from the beginning.  For several years, I was a fly fishing addict and she told me that I needed to make fly fishing a productive activity for the family.  This was one of my motives to become a part of the fly fishing industry. When I came home from my first guide trip I showed Cindy my tip and said, “see I can make fly fishing productive”. Ever since that day Cindy asks for my tips and I hand it over, with a great big smile of course.  When I return from a guiding trip my daughters Delaney (12) and  Ella (8) always ask to smell my hands.  They love the smell of fish.  Cindy cringes at this and says, ”That’s gross”, to which I say, “That is the smell of success”.   Both of my girls have been fly fishing since they were 3 years old.  I’ve worked hard to instill the same love of fly fishing with my girls that was instilled in me by my Grandmother.  I spend a lot of time with my girls fly fishing on my days off.  This is quality time we truly cherish.

Shafer Family