Blue River Rainbow Trout

Blue River November 2017

The Blue is one of my favorite haunts this time of year. Got a chance to get up there for the morning a couple days ago and it did not disappoint. Now the Blue River has had numerous issues lately and I’m not going to get into all Blue River Rainbow Troutthat shit in this post. But I was so glad to see that it is bouncing back pretty well.  Colorful, gorgeous Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are all over the town section of the Blue. There are a bunch of fish from six inches to twenty inches in there. It’s great to see those younger fish doing well in there. The day was fantastic, with clear skies and temps that reached into the high 40’s, Great stuff for winter time fishing. Flows are great right now up on the Blue. 100cfs is a good flow for this time of year and the water is crystal clear. Great for getting some good underwater shots.

Told myself this year I would really start working with the Euro style nymphing. So I fished this method on the blue and did real well with it. I fished a rig that had a heavy jigged anchor fly and a Shafer’s Laney’s Mysis off a tag as a point fly. This is defiantly a deadly combination on the Blue, the Trout slammed both flies hard. I highly recommend this method of fly fishing especially in sections of water other anglers pass up. (I’m pretty sure that is a hint) You Euro guys will know what I’m talking about and for everyone else I will do some more posts on this method in the future.  I fished a standard indicator rig and that method Blue River Rainbow Troutwas productive as well. Laney’s Mysis as an attractor and a #20 or #22 Midge below will stick fish. If you’re going to fish the blue have a good assortment of small midges and Baetis in different colors. We even moved a couple fish on streamers. Check out my blue river fly selection it will put you into fish.

The Blue in town is typically packed with anglers so you just got to get over it and accept it . The good thing about the Blue is typically anglers move around a lot and on this day we covered a lot of water that had been fished and we did well. My damn point here is if you go to the Blue just worry about the fish forget all the other crap around you, it makes for a lot better Blue River Rainbow Troutexperience. Stick and move cover some water, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find in the Blue River.

Please leave me any questions or comments. Thank you for your time and take care!underwater Trout

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