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Some of my favorite places to guide.  Some of these properties are private water!

NOTE: Some private properties have “rod fees” per angler. We’ll discuss when we talk and setup your trip if it’s applicable.


How much does it cost?

Please Click on the link for all the information on trips and you can even book a trip with me online through The Blue Quill Angler. The days I guide are; Thursday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s.

What do I need to bring?

We’ve put together a tried and true checklist of things to bring with you.  Click here to download it.

How many people can I bring?

I can guide 3 anglers by myself.  If  you have more people, not a problem, just let me know and we can arrange more of a group experience.  We keep it at 3 anglers per guide to ensure we have a great day and you get to learn a lot.

I understand it's customary to tip your guide, how much should I tip?

Gratuity average 25% and up of total trip cost.  Just like referrals and sharing how much fun you had on social media, we consider tips as a sign of appreciation of our services, instruction and overall experience.

How long should I plan to be gone on the day of our trip?

Generally speaking, you can plan on being gone for the entire day.  This obviously depends on the time of year (amount of daylight) and the type of trip we are going on (full day or half day).  For us to have the best time together, its best to plan for the majority of the day either traveling, learning and experiencing the wonders of fly fishing.

Am I guaranteed to catch fish?

Although it is certainly my intent to get some fish on the line, as you’ve probably seen from just a handful of our photos, we do not guaranty you will catch any fish.  We do guaranty that you will learn a lot and hope that you have a wonderful time.

What months of the year do you guide?

I guide year round.  Spring, fall and winter are great months to be on the water and each season brings its own specialties and learning opportunities.  I’d love to have you anytime of the year!

Are You Affiliated With Any Guide Shops?

Yes, I am.  There are a number of benefits being associated with a guide shop and I’ve been fortunate to have been guiding at Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, CO for 10+ years.