Fly Fishing South Platte River

June 2016 Guide Trips

Guiding in June is one of my favorite times of year, and this year fishing has been fantastic! I guide the South Platte drainage this time of year and I love to see all the different hatches and how the fish feed throughout the day. Midges, Blue-winged Olives, Pale Morning Duns , Caddis and Stone Flies are all moving and fish are keying in on them big time. Flows have been great with lots of water and very clear, great for some dry action! On most of my trips this month, clients have stuck nice fish on the dry fly. If your fishing high water conditions find a slow moving seem and fish it with a Caddis or Pale Morning Dun and wait for the explosive strike! Terrestrials also have come into play lots of hoppers and Beetles out and about. This time of year, even when we are nymphing higher water, I always have a dry dropper setup ready to go. The reason is that trout are on the feed and working the upper parts of the water column feeding like crazy. If you’re not having success, switch to the dry dropper rig, you may get some great action.

A big thank you to the great clients I was fortunate to spend time with on the water.  Check out the pictures below we have had a lot of fun.

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