Still Water Fly Fishing

On The Water With My Girls Delaney & Ella

First off I would like to apologize for not keeping up with my posting. It has been a crazy year  lots of things going on and all of them are good but they have taken my time away from sharing and doing things on my website. I will get better so stay tuned and I appreciate everyone following me. 

Still Water Fly Fishing

Laney & Ella Troublesome Valley

I had the privilege of spending the day with my two wonderful Daughters Laney and Ella. We spent the day fishing Hidden Valley Lake and Troublesome Creek.  My girls are very busy with swimming and school and a bunch of other things just like anyone’s kids. It was really nice that they wanted to go fly fishing with their dad.

Still Water Fly Fishing

Laney Cutthroat Trout

We started out on the lake and the girls got to battle some great fish. It is always fun to see your kids grow and learn. I thought I would have to re-teach them a bunch of things, But I really didn’t have to, they just got right out there and got after it. I was very proud of them sticking with it and working around the whole lake with me. Usually we only fish a couple hours but they wanted to keep going and catch fish. I must say it was pretty damn awesome!

We finished working our way around the lake and just before we where getting ready to leave Ella hooks into a monster. (see the video above) I was amazing to watch her battle this thing. I got very excited but that fish kept trying to run her into the weeds. Ella did a great job keeping her rod tip up. She did a great job landing this thing pretty much by herself because I was trying to keep the trout out of the weeds. It also gave me time to sit back and be a proud Dad. Once I got away from her and let her do

Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing

Ella Rainbow Trout

 it on her own, I calmed down and she did to. It was a really great moment in my life one I will never forget. Letting go is hard and I think that fish taught us both some things that day! 

The girls wanted to keep fishing so we decided to head down to Troublesome Creek. The water was low and the fish where a little spooky, so I put on dry dropper rigs and let the girls go to town. The girls did great, had to do some teaching because it was Ella’s first time fishing moving water and it had been a long time since Laney had been on a river. I was amazed how quick they picked everything up and they left a bunch of fish with soar lips.

Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing

Laney Rainbow Trout

It was a fantastic day with these two wonderful girls. We really did have a great time and it wasn’t just the fishing. We watched wildlife and experienced a great sunrise. We had breakfast and lunch together and talked about numerous things. It was an experience that I will never forget and I learned from them as much as they learned from me. I think I learned a lot more to be honest. They are amazing young ladies and I am so proud of them!

I want to share a couple tips when your taking kids out fly fishing. First one is don’t fish, just be there for your kids don’t   plan on fishing unless you are with a guide. Make sure you go to a place that

Colorado River Sunrise

Laney & Ella Colorado River Sunrise

they can be successful and catch fish. Make sure they have on appropriate clothing so they are comfortable. Make sure you have plenty of food and water. The last thing to remember is make the day as special as possible. Take your time have them look around and enjoy nature.

If you would like to check out the Toublesome Valley let me know we can set up a trip through the shop  Thanks for checking out the post. Please Make sure and leave my any questions or comments. Check out my social media pages as well I do a lot on social media including live events on YouTube and Instagram. Take care…

Troublesome Fly Fishing

Thank You To Dean & Susan For Making This Day So Special For Laney & Ella! Bull Basin Outfitters

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