Rigging A Streamer Under An Indicator

Rigging – Setting Up a Streamer Underneath An Indicator

For Many years I have been fishing this type of rig with a streamer. I originally fished this setup up with clients on guide trips. My theory with clients is, it’s pretty hard to get clients that are new to fly fishing to run a regular streamer setup. So when I need them to fish streamers I can get them going with Minimal teaching and time spent on casting lessons. Turns out it is one of the most effective ways to fish streamers in rivers or still waters. I fish this rig all the time when I’m fishing on my own. The indicator helps you keep the streamer in the fish feeding zones plus you can extend your drifts and even incorporate different stripping techniques. You can pic up the flies that you see in this video on the site. Give this setup a shot, I’m pretty sure that you will be surprised at it’s effectiveness! Please Leave me any questions or comments. Take Care!

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