Shafer's - Ella's Beast

Shafer’s Flies – Shafer’s Ella’s Beast – Part 7

The Shafer’s Flies series are all my flies that I have created over the years that I use day in and day out on the water. It has taken many guide trips and days out on the water fly fishing to perfect these bugs! Many of these flies have been in books and magazines over the years. I hope you enjoy this series and please don’t tell too many people about these flies I still use them every day out on the water.

Ella’s Beast is named after my youngest daughter Ella Shafer. This fly really fires my up my wife Cindy because of the name but Ella is a Kickboxer and she’s a Beast! This streamer pattern has many uses just the way I like it. This fly can mimic leeches and small bait fish. This is a big fish fly and probably the most versatile fly in my boxes!

Most of the biggest fish we have stuck over the years have been on this fly! This fly works for all types of fish as well Including; Bass, Pike, walleye and Carp. I will fish this on a streamer rig, usually a two streamer rig. I love fishing this one under an indicator as a point fly or as the bottom fly in a three fly rig. This is another great swinging fly when placed under the indicator. I’ll also add some strips with a pause for some outstanding takes. Ella’s Beast also does very well in still waters under an indicator or in tight line systems.

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