Shafer's - Gummy Crane

Shafer’s Flies – Shafer’s Gummy Crane – Part 8

The Shafer’s Flies series are all my flies that I have created over the years that I use day in and day out on the water. It has taken many guide trips and days out on the water fly fishing to perfect these bugs! Many of these flies have been in books and magazines over the years. I hope you enjoy this series and please don’t tell too many people about these flies I still use them every day out on the water.

Here it is folks what everyone has been asking me to post!

The Gummy Crane was born on a fishing trip with fellow Guide Chris Steinbeck. Chris had taken a seine and we found several very large crane flies. I snapped a picture and studied it for a while. How this came about is really funny. I was literally on the toilet, where the best thinking happens for many of us, and the idea hit me for this fly!

After about six months of tweaking, this has proven to be the most effective crane fly I’ve ever fished! I’ve had many others test it and they’ve had the same results. This fly dominates…period! I have put this fly up against the best flies in my boxes and it produced no less than five to one, and that’s in the winter time. This fly is not a looker, but trust me, this damn thing fishes like you wouldn’t believe. I’m very proud of this Gummy Crane Fly and know you’ll love it too. Fish this under indicators or on tight line rigs, just about anytime of year and you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Hi Joe, I would like to tie some of your Gummy Crane flies patterns. In your video you don’t mention the hook size and model you use. Also, you don’t mention the color of the gummy worm material you use. Also, I would like a little guidance on the thread color and size. I have had some limited success with other crane fly patterns, but yours looks like a big improvement over the ones I currently tie. Thanks for the video and sharing your expertise. Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry

      Very sorry I’m getting back to you late on this! It’s been a very busy year of guiding! Hook is 5263 TMC sizes #10–#8. I get my squirmy material from orvis and the color is light brown. Thread is Danville 6/0 they don’t name their colors but it’s a darker tan color I use. Thank you Jerry hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else

      1. Thanks for the reply Joe. No worries about the timing. I have been gone on vacation and just getting things going again after the trip. I hope your guiding season has been good. Thanks again for the materials list. Your video is great!

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