Shafer's - Punch It Caddis

Shafer’s Flies – Shafer’s Punch It Caddis – Part 4

The Shafer’s Flies series are all my flies that I have created over the years that I use day in and day out on the water. It has taken many guide trips and days out on the water fly fishing to perfect these bugs! Many of these flies have been in books and magazines over the years. I hope you enjoy this series and please don’t tell too many people about these flies I still use them every day out on the water.

The Punch It Caddis was born on the South Platte River. The name comes from me constantly saying to clients ” Punch It Out There!” . It is a crossover pattern that I use during Caddis and Midge hatches. I use this bug in sizes #22 – #16. You can grease this fly and run it on dry fly or dry dropper setups or run it under indicator systems. I will run this as well on tight line systems off a Tag. Great fly, I love the versatility and the thing catches fish!

You can purchase my hand tied flies from this site as well and your local fly shop can get them in stock from

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