Shafers Scud

Shafer’s Scud – Tan – By The Dozen – Size #18


  • Hand Tied By Joe Shafer!
  • 12 Flies Per Order In Tan
  • 12 in size #18
  • All Flies Tied on Industry Leading Premium Hooks


These are hand tied by Joe Shafer!  There are many different scud patterns on the market. This pattern sets itself apart from the others because of the tying thread. I don’t use the standard tan tying thread I use mono as the tying thread in this pattern to keep that crustacean look.

I also incorporate a hot spot on this fly. The hot spot mimics a dying or molting scud. This bug can also cross over as a sow bug. I will fish this under an indicator or on sinking line in two and three fly rigs.


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