North Fork South Platte River

Winter Fly Fishing Guide Trip – February 2019

It has been a while since I have posted lots of things going on. Wanted to share this winter guided trip with you. It was a special one, mainly because it was a donated trip from the Blue Quill Angler to raise money for Deputy Lisa. Deputy Lisa is a great person that I have worked with over the years and unfortunately she has stage four Cancer. She is battling and the money that was collected for this trip went straight to her to help in that fight.

North Fork South Platte Streamer Fly Fishing
Mike working the ice shelves!

I talked with my buddy Mike, who I work with and he put together four guys that wanted to help. Pretty awesome, I want to thank Mike, Mike, Dan and Rob for doing this for Lisa! Thanks to these four Deputy Lisa will receive eight hundred dollars to help with her expenses. Really appreciate all four of these guys! Over the years it has really been amazing to see how fly fishing brings people together, this community is a rare deal in this world and I love being a part of it and experiencing everything it encompasses!

Frozen waders all part of winter fly fishing!

Lets talk a little about the setup of this trip. Weather was looking good a week out. Then, it changed and a arctic front was coming in and it didn’t look good at all. I talked with all involved and everyone was game to give it a go. Crazy guys I tell ya! Temps in the minuses, wind chill that reached -27 degrees, wind gusts over 30 mph, floating ice on the river and anchor ice all over the place, conditions couldn’t of been worse. Just a testament to these four, there was no option for rescheduling and they wanted to help Lisa and fish the North Fork Meadows section.

North Fork Rainbow Trout
Rob and I with a beauty on the streamer!

The fish took a little while to get rolling but they turned on and we all had a lot of fun! One of the ways we combated the floating ice and getting down to the fish was drifting heavily weighted double streamer rigs. The picture you see above is a fish taken on a White Shafer’s Ella’s Beast, short three inch quick strips got this good looking fish to eat. Awesome take and awesome battle with Client Rob on the stick! Remember, it was extremely cold and pulling streamers is about the last thing you want to do in that type of weather. I give Rob a bunch of credit for listening to me and giving it a shot, I’m not so sure I would have done that in those conditions.

Mike with an awesome streamer eater!

I love these kinds of trips with everything working against us you really had to think outside the box and get creative. Well timed drifts in between Ice flows and putting the bugs right in front of their noses was the keys to success with the nymph rigs.

Dan with a Beast Mike with the Photo Bomb and fish on!

I know the Ranches on the North Fork will be opening back up in the next week or two. Make sure you book early with the Blue Quill Angler spots are always limited. Take advantage of the winter rates, it is always great to experience battling these beasts, it will make you a better angler. North Fork Meadows and Boxwood/Longmeadow are great options! Egg Patterns and midges worked best on this day but don’t be afraid to throw some bigger stuff at them. These fish are big and they need to eat to keep up their body mass. Well placed and great presentations will get them to eat more than any specific flies. Think outside the box change your drifts and presentations often and I’m sure you can be successful.

Mike with a beauty!

Would like to thank the Blue Quill Angler again for making this happen. Thank you to Chris wells for providing the North Fork Meadows and guiding with me all day, it was a blast! These four guys are amazing to battle all the elements and for donating to Lisa! Thanks guys it was a great time! Leave me any questions or comments, take care….

Dan with a Meadows Hog!

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